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Assessment and Diagnosis
Morrill & Associates Services
Training -- Development and Delivery
Change management 
Change is not an option.  Unfortunately, failure at change is.  While we cannot promise resistance-free change, we can greatly enhance your chances for success.  To be effective, change must be managed. Let us help you so that you can focus on your business.  
We are committed to helping you do what you already do -- BETTER.  You know your business. We know leadership and communication.  Working with you, we will diagnose gaps in performance, create practical solutions, walk you through change, and/or provide focused training to meet your needs.  Whether you want help creating and editing compelling messages, or coaching top leadership, we are equipped to provide what you need -- no more and no less. 
Do not shoot in the dark.  Let us identify what is happening and why -- with employees, with customers, with your management.  We can create custom surveys, conduct interviews or facilitate focus groups -- all designed to keep you 'in the know.' 
Leadership Development
Everyone talks about it. Few define it. You know you need it. Let us help you create an intentional and strategic plan for developing high-quality leaders. From selection to training, from defining roles to empowering people to fill those roles, from accountability to motivation -- effective leadership development requires a multi-faceted approach. Be strategic in planning for your future. Your organization deserves that. 
From top to bottom, growth is a must. Growth and learning occur in a number of ways -- training among them. When you need training, let us design and deliver precisely what you need. Don't waste your money on prepackaged goods that were designed for someone else. Invest your money, invest your time (and your employees' time) wisely. 
Writing and Editing
Do you have content but struggle for the right words? Allow us to deliver your message with punch.  We'll write from scratch ... or edit your words.  It's your call and your message. Our goal is to make you successful. 
Do you need a speaker who can inspire and encourage? -- Who can challenge others to grow ... with a smile?  Ann has spoken before hundreds and spoken with "tens."  Just as she does in other aspects of her business, let her customize a message to meet your needs.