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Ann M. Morrill, 
Owner and Principal Consultant
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About Morrill & Associates
Based in the greater Kansas City area, Morrill & Associates has been serving companies large and small for more than 20 years.  

Rooted in values of integrity, excellence, and service, we are known for providing 
personalized solutions that win trust and garner repeat business.  Whether we are walking a Fortune 500 through change, installing performance management systems in non-profits, conducting surveys to assess employee (or customer) satisfaction, or providing coaching documents to corporate executives, we are respected for our thorough approach and professional service.  
Ann has conducted training, directed assessments, advised leaders, and facilitated change for a wide array of clients from industries as diverse as healthcare, banking, transportation, engineering, and telecommunications. 

She has created leadership development models for the U.S. Army civilian network -- and for a mid-sized church. She has written technical documents for an airline's purchasing department, feature stories for an engineering magazine, and creative marketing materials for a California vineyard.  

Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams

Ann's diverse skills and holistic approach to consulting are rooted in her broadbased experience and training.  She developed her writing while studying journalism (B.A., Kansas State Univ.). To that she added an understanding of the operations side of business while working at Honeywell and studying management (M.B.A., Univ. of Memphis), She tied all of those together to better serve her clients as she secured her Ph.D. in organizational communication from the University of Kansas. She has taught business management at Kansas State University and is currently a lecturer in leadership at the University of Kansas.  Her greatest compliment as an educator came from a student who said, "She challenges me to be a better person every day."
The Associates 
In keeping with the customized nature of our service, the associates are retained on a project by project basis.  Ann is connected to other highly skilled and experienced specialists in organizational development, change management, executive coaching, and more. Rather than force fitting a staff to your project, she selects colleagues who will partner with her to best serve your needs.